Workshops and leadership development should not be a cookie-cutter or “out of the box” experience.  We believe each person is unique and the best learning happens when real-life motivations and experiences are interwoven into each and every workshop.

Learning is discovering that something is possible… Has great return and even greater rewards.

Your leadership team is already equipped with specific talents and natural abilities. Our workshops are designed to help them recognize their maximum potential, and for them to increase their impact on the organization.

Change doesn't happen overnight… It is truly a team effort. Our workshops are about being highly engaged, exploring alternative patterns, and fresh ways of thinking. Your teams will work together to foster improvement and align their commitment to elevate overall organizational performance.



  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Core Culture Values Development
  • DISC Profile and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Employee Engagement

Peter H.

“The leadership workshops were great for our front-line supervisors. The material and content were perfect for our supervisory group and their level of engagement. Communication and cooperation inside that group have noticeably improved already. They have gained insight and ability in recognizing the diversity in other employees and their subordinates and how to best communicate and motivate them.

Lenny J.

“Brian created a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere that made you feel comfortable applying your personal and professional life experience to the workshop. It helped me to connect and relate to what was being presented.”

Eric R.

“During the workshop, Brian brought out areas that needed to be discussed by the Leadership Team necessary to make us a High Performing Organization.”

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