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Successful leaders know that investing in your employees is the smartest business decision. With many paths to consider, many people struggle with the best way to prepare their current middle managers to become the next generation of senior leaders. Middle managers are the target audience for Vitruvian Leadership's Professional Coaching. We work through and uncover your everyday and ongoing struggles within yourself and your team.

The Journey

Through a customized assessment, you'll help us identify your team's unique strengths, areas for improvement, and workplace challenges. Based on our findings and the organization's ultimate goals, we'll develop two strategic plans to ensure you and your company remain on the road to long-term success. The result is an empowered leader with elevated competency, self-awareness, and the skills to professionally guide and navigate both his team and company to the next level.


  • Middle and Senior Management
  • Emerging leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Professionals adjusting to a new career
  • Those in a career rut


  • Increased overall motivation and company morale
  • Ability to inspire employees through shared leadership
  • Improved ability to identify cultural values and quantifiable results
  • Strengthened company and team loyalty
  • Heightened productivity
  • Identification of roles and development of more effective leaders
  • Increased open communication


  • Increased Overall Motivation and Company Morale
  • Inspire Employees through Shared Leadership
  • Improved Ability to Identify Cultural Values and Quantifiable Results
  • Strengthened Company and Team Loyalty
  • Heightened Productivity
  • Identification of Roles and Development of More Effective Leaders
  • Increased Open Communication

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Tina R.

“One of the more effective investments has been the utilization of individual coaching with members of the leadership team. It has provided support and guidance to effectively address departmental issues as they arise.”


"I am grateful and happy to have participated in our company's Coaching Program as it speaks volumes about their desire to invest in our leadership. Brian is very good at what he does and is a valuable resource for me."


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