At Vitruvian, we believe one is only as good as his team.  Through a customized assessment, we identify the company’s unique strengths, areas for improvement and workplace challenges.  Based upon our findings and the organization’s ultimate needs and wants, we will develop a strategic plan, both at an individual and team level to ensure the company remains on the road to long-term succes


  • Increased Overall Motivation and Company Morale
  • Inspire Employees through Shared Leadership
  • Improved Ability to Identify Cultural Values and Quantifiable Results
  • Strengthened Company and Team Loyalty
  • Heightened Productivity
  • Identification of Roles and Development of More Effective Leaders
  • Increased Open Communication

"I am grateful and happy to have participated in our company's coaching program as it speaks volumes about their desire to invest in our leadership. Brian is very good at what he does and is a valuable resource for me."


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