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The purest form of power is the power of observation; the most precise form of communication is to ask a well-worded question, and the most sincere form of kindness is to listen.

Brian Littlehale

Founder | Coach | Facilitator

Vitruvian Leadership founder, Brian Littlehale, isn’t the type to settle for mediocrity or complacency.  

He truly has a passion to inspire and motivate people. 

Brian obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services Counseling from Old Dominion University.  He began a successful career focusing on ​associate training and development in the manufacturing and logistics industries, working both nationally and internationally. ​

Through his years in executive coaching and leadership development, Brian discovered​ that he has​ a strong desire to unlock the hidden potential in others. Thus, sparking the creation of Vitruvian Leadership.

  A trusted mentor and leadership coach for over 20 years, Brian has helped talented leaders across the country improve their focus and increase their capacity to drive their organizations. These leaders have dedicated themselves to creating growth from the inside​ ​out.

Brian lives in Hollidaysburg, PA where he enjoys spending time with his family as well as pursuing his interests in art and music. 

  • Brian's Core Cultural Values Are:

    • Relentless Reliability
    • Lead with Purpose
    • Inspire Change
    • What We Do Matters 
    • Constant Creativity



Vitruvius was a 1st century Roman known for his multi-volume work entitled De architectura.  He professed that architecture is an imitation of nature and with that sentiment; the human body itself is the greatest work of art. Hence, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

The original Italian title of da Vinci’s drawing literally translates to “the proportions of the human body according to Vitruvius.” Inspired by Vitruvius’ ideas, da Vinci’s drawing displays the architectural elements that make us human. The balance, symmetry, dimensions, and proportions, which are not just skin deep, but also within the conscious and subconscious mind.

At Vitruvian Leadership, we agree that each of us is a work of art, looking for deeper significance, balance, creativity, and more capacity to accomplish the things that we want and truly desire.  The goal is furthering your accomplishments; for you are the leader of your potential and focus.

You truly are the architect of your future.







At Virtruvian Leadership, we understand the reciprocal nature of the consultative process and that organizational success depends on balanced and well-equipped leaders. Over the years, Brian has relied on three focuses to help empower both individuals and leadership teams. It is all about momentum or RPM:

Focus One - Relationship

Everything is built on trust and adding value. In an effort to increase and transform oneself, you must invest in others. Brian provides a framework for exploring and developing meaningful relationships through principled centered engagement.

Focus Two - Process

Brian is an expert in helping others find and define their core vision and goals. He focuses on step-by-step leadership and teamwork principles required to maximize the contribution from not just one team member, but all team members. Leadership is a lifelong process.

Focus Three - Maturation

Whether you are leading yourself or leading a team, it is a rapidly changing world that requires predictable processes and systems. Brian works closely to explore and mature interdependent interactions.


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