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At Vitruvian Leadership, we believe your curiosity is in direct proportion to your growth. What you invest in yourself is a direct reflection of your results. The commitment and effort you choose to entrust in yourself, and your team influences your overall success. Our goal is to maximize that investment.

Extensive research supports that Core Cultural Values, Team Development, Employee Engagement, and Personal and Professional Growth are indicative of strategies and systems that drive vision, leadership, productivity, and profits for any organization. These areas require continuous improvement and a collaborative leadership team who can deliver the strength, credibility, and measurable results.

By exploring creative insights, fresh perspectives, and various possibilities, clear strategies emerge, building your desired outcome. If you are looking for improved results, increased retention, and sustained growth, then prepare yourself to be curious.

A leader's purpose is to increase personal and professional capacity within themselves and their team. This ultimately translates into transparent communication, measurable productivity, and overall profits.


You're In Good Company

Janet L.

"I could go on and on about the benefits of coaching, but suffice to say that Brian's manner of non-judgment and guidance has allowed me to feel empowered. I feel I have benefited on many levels from the sessions - professionally and personally."

Jeff M.

"I am grateful and happy to have participated in our company's coaching program as it speaks volumes about their desire to invest in our leadership.  Brian is very good at what he does and is a valuable resource for me."  


Lori W.

"The coaching sessions really help me look at myself and discern not just my circumstances, but how I might have contributed to being in those circumstances. Some great self-introspection." 


Steve B.

"Very well organized and to the point. A great tool that a number of employees should be taking advantage of.  Sometimes we are too involved with the day-to-day operations; we don't take time to look ahead.  Coaching is really a great motivational tool."  


Lenny J.

“Brian created a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere that made you feel comfortable applying your personal and professional life experience to the workshop. It helped me to connect and relate to what was being presented.” 


Eric R.

“During the workshop, Brian brought out areas that needed to be discussed by the Leadership Team necessary to make us a High Performing Organization.”


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